Details About Organic Coffee


Did you know that coffee is one of the most treated crop? This means, along with cotton and tobacco, coffee uses fertilizers, pesticides and compounds to ensure quality growth and make it a fast one. Coffee production is very complicated because these beans should be of high quality. Producers of these crops are used to this type of production but this is not very healthy. With the pesticides and fertilizers used, it can seep in the soil and get absorbed by the plant. This means people are taking in dangerous compounds in their body. Organic coffee on the other hand is a much safer because it does not use any of these dangerous stuff.

coffeeThe reason why pesticides are used is to make sure that the beans will not be susceptible to pests. Organic coffee are not threatened by the pests despite non usage of chemicals because they are grown under trees which are home to birds which naturally eats them. You can very well see how safe these products are compared to the usual grown coffee. One disappointment though is the price that is attached to it.Since the production process is much longer and more complex, it is just natural that these be priced higher than the usual.

ccIf you consider all the benefits you will be getting, you shouldn’t mind the amount you need to pay for it. Health is being threatened by these chemicals and you should prioritize your well-being. Coffee is already a part of every person’s daily routine. Many people cannot last a day without having a cup of coffee. This is what wakes their system and without it means they won’t have enough energy to last the entire day. If you have a choice to drink a cup of healthy and risk free coffee, you should take it no matter what price it has.

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Organic Coffee- A Review


Almost everybody drinks coffee. To many, the day wouldn’t be complete when they are not able to drink a cup. One thing that has stirred many these days is the introduction of organic coffee. A lot are saying that it is better than the regular ones but what is the difference? Well, based on what experts say, organic coffee is healthier compared to the regular ones. One thing to consider is how they are planted. Regular coffee uses compounds and pesticides which are potential risks.

coffee-1149983_960_720The fact is, coffee is one of the top three most treated crop in the entire world, along with cotton and tobacco. How does this affect us? You have to remember that when these crops are sprayed with pesticides, most of it sticks to the body of the plant as well as the beans. Pesticides are quite difficult to wash off. Also, some compounds go to the ground and when watered, are absorbed by the plant. Again, the danger can be ingested by people who consumes the coffee. Organic coffee on the other hand has a different approach when nurtured.

organic-coffeeThere are no fertilizers or any pesticides used. The dangers you are expecting to find on plants that are not organic can cause more than simple sickness. It can be the cause of a more serious ailment such as cancer. Based on research, these are contributing factors which are really scary. If you choose to drink organic coffee, you are leaning on the safer side. However, a lot complains about the higher price compared to ordinary coffee. You have to remember that these crops are grown naturally without any enhancement which can take a lot longer. The process is a lot more complicated and meticulous that is why these areĀ  priced higher. However, these are safer so it is really worth it.